West of Sicily – Cycling Tour


From the superb mosaics of the Dome in Monreale to the magnificent colors of the sea of Sicily. You will discover uncontaminated places where time seems to be stopped; you will taste the typical Sicilian dishes rich of sweets and different flavours and meals as much as tasting wine from the Marsala to Bianco d’Alcamo to the Chardonnay ending with the Nero d’Avola, a portrait of Sicily that from the Sea to the Mountains and from Art to Nature will always remain in your memories. 

1st day: Palermo – Scopello 

Meeting at the airport and transfer to the ancient village of Scopello a very small village sprang up around an ancient “baglio” dating back to the seventeenth-century. Briefing about the tour and about  the road book and all the informative papers. Accommodation and overnight stay.

2nd day:. Scopello – Segesta – Buseto Palizzolo km 45

From Scopello you will reach the archaeological site of Segesta, one of the most important and evocative archeological centre because of the impressiveness of its temple with its breathaking sea view. Segesta in the past was a powerful town of the Elimians coming from Turkey and also with the Greeks and the Romans during the punic war. Accommodation in BB. Difficulty:  moderateIMG_1133 (Small)

3rd day: Buseto Palizzolo – Trapani 35 km

During this day you will pedal inland, solitary places and country places which show the real part of country life in Sicily. Accommodation in B&B Difficulty:  easy

4th day: Trapani – Mozia – Marsala 48 km

Today you will pedal in total relax! The panoramic road coasts the sea where the sight of the flow mills on the salinas is amazing. You will then have the chance to visit the little island of Mozia, little uncontaminated punic island, where you will find and archaeological site and a private museum. Just a little bit of kilometries to reach Marsala and visit one of the canteen where a special liquoer, the “Marsala” is producted. B&B. Difficulty:  easy

5th day: Marsala – Selinunte 68 km

This hilly stage will lead you to the Archaeological sites of Cave di Cusa quarries and Selinunte, the ancient Selinus, and will give you the chance to enter the interior of the Island. Leaving the flat vineyards around Marsala curve inland towards a softly undulating series of hill, and then down to the sea again, passing by the Cave di Cusa Archaeological site, one of the most fascinating natural workshop of construction material of the Greek period. The archaeological park surrounding Selinunte and its monuments extends about 1.300 meters east to west. Difficulty: easy

6th day: Selinunte – Sambuca di Sicilia 38.6 km

An amazing itinerary from the sea level to Sicily inland, history and traditions with hills and flat terrain, little uphills and long descends through forests and cultivated grounds till reaching your accommodation in Sambuca.In the 2016 Sambuca di Sicilia won the prime of “Il borgo dei borghi 2016”, a recognition of its charm and history.Difficulty: moderate

The NERO D’AVOLA red wine has here its ancient roots

7th day: Sambuca di Sicilia– Corleone 57,5 km

From the arab “Quirlian”, Corleone was an ancient punic-sicilian centre; the first installation rised upon the hill above the village. Inside a scenery of great effect, you will pedal along countryside through the Ficuzza forest, Rocca Busambra, the Lake of Scanzano and the “Gole del Drago” (gorge of the dragon). Corleone is also known to be the “town of one hundred churches”, the most famos is the Main Church founded around the year 1000. But Corleone is better known to be the place where the movie “The Godfather” of Francis Ford Coppola was spoke of. Difficulty: moderate

8th day: Corleone – ancient railroad  – Monreale 70.1  km2013 dani foto 005

The last day cycling gives you breathtaking views and exciting moments in the
the road where the railroad was once. Along the way do not miss the “cannolo”, typical sicilian sweet in Santa Cristina Gela. You will then reach the town of Monreale which origins are from an arab village along the slopes of Monte Caputo, 310m above sea level. The Dome, being built by William II between the 1172 and 1176 is what is known most about the town of Monreale.

9th day: Departure

Breakfast and end of our services.

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