Heart of Sicily

Heart of Sicily

Heart of Sicily

Cycling 8 days/7 nights

Self guided tour in mountain bike between the most important protected areas of west Sicily. Bike tour for all abilities amidst, history and Cuisine of west side in this magic island. the physically challenge of mountain biking is balanced with stunning glimpses of unspoiled nature, at time wild and harsh and other time rich and lush.The rides will not be particularly difficult technically,as they aren’t all along hard packed  trails. If you want you can immerse yourself in the wonderful singletracks that our mountains offer  especially the descent of Mount Erice.

Excursions take place in natural environments on often unprepared paths and subject to the bad weather and poor maintenance that mountain communities or district implement in some precise periods of the year.
The time spents on hiking is variable, so you bring a good water reserve with you.


img_36101st day : Scopello

Arrival at airport, transfer to Scopello hamlet  and accomodation in the hotel, briefing about the tour.

2nd day : Scopello – MONTE INICI – Scopello 

Km 42-  highest point 1064 m cumulative altitude 1370m

 Monte Inici is one of the most beautiful mountains in the district of Trapani, leaving scale from all sides with great satisfaction of the bikers for the breathtaking views that donates, mixed descents between large path and single trails entertain you and give you the possibility of choice.

3rd day: Scopello – MONTE SPARACIO – Buseto Palizzolo 

Km 33,4 highest point 792m cumulative altitude 1480 

mtb4Unusual views open north to the Zingaro Mountains, San Vito and Monte Cofano, while to the east on Mount Inici and the Gulf of Castellammare del Golfo. The planting landscape of the mountainous area, seemingly simple, is the result of the centuries-old action of  herds of grazing and fire, an action that maintains pastures that were occupied by oak trees in past ages. The absence of stable plant cover also favored the erosion of the soil with the general outcrop of the naked rock. Some adult lecce specimens (Quercus ilex) grow isolated on sloping slopes with rocks among the rocks, while others form real shingles of wood that are resistant to the steeper and rocky slopes.

4th day: Buseto Palizzolo – BOSCO SCORACE – Bruca 

Km 34 highest point 617m cumulative altitude 1230mmtb5

Excursion at “Bosco Scorace” the bikers heaven because there are plenty singletracks,for all kind of ability.

The forest is an extensive residuum of thermophilic natural vegetation whose

Woody layer is mainly represented by cork oak

(Quercus suber). Very well-liked and characteristic plant of this forest

Is the bush (Arbutus unedo), evergreen ericacea that it presents

At the same time the white flowers and the characteristic red fruits. Extensive reforestation coexists with natural vegetation

Of forest pines, especially Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) at the base of the Scorace relief are prepared by the Foreste Farm for the practice of Pic Nic.

tempio-segesta5th day : Bruca – SEGESTA – MONTE PISPISA – Trapani

Km 59,7 highest point 442m cumulative altitude 1182m

Pispisa mountain is a relief adjacent to the archaeological area of Segesta, rich in coniferous reforestation, accessible on dirt roads and comfortable paths, from the summit of the unusual view of the temple.

erice6th day:   Trapani – ERICE – San Vito Lo Capo

Km 57,2 highest point 738m cumulative altitude 1540m  

You’ll be in the most important mount of Trapani district and you can see the Egadi Islands.On the top there is Erice , Tiypical medieval village. 

 RE Camera7th day : San Vito Lo Capo  – MONTE COFANO – San Vito Lo Capo

Km 48,5  highest point 263m cumulative altitude 1033m 

Mount Cofano is a mountainous promontory of limestone, a characteristic triangular shape overlooking the sea, which reaches 659 m in height.The area of the Reserve covers 537.5 hectares, of which 325.5 are zone A and zone B 185.Within it are a small seasonal wetland, a torrential ravine (Gorge Cipollazzo) and numerous karst phenomena related to remodeling of the limestone rock by water, both surface and depth (caves). 

8th day: Departure

Departure and end of our services

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