Following the Palermo’s saints

Following the Palermo’s saints

san-benedetto-il-moroPalermo is a unique city, for its richness in history and liveliness. Many dominations along the centuries composed a complex history and left innumerable traces both in the territory and in the culture of its people. Palermo is a city rich in beauty and self-contradictions but, above all, it is a vibrant and dynamic city.

Crilù Travel has always been focused on enhancing the heritage of Sicily and  has planned a project to enable all visitors to discover Palermo with a new peculiar perspective, both for losanta-rosaliacal people who want to rediscover their hometown and for tourists who come here for their first time.

Through the lives of its patrons – both Saints and protective spirits – we will try to rediscover thousand years of history and the layering of stories of Palermo through the ages. The tours are not designed to enter the classic guidebooks of the city, that are already substantial and valiant, but to propose an original point of view, by showing places rich in history and charm yet still unknown, without anyway neglecting the must-sees. We will try to show the essence of the city, where too often the ancient glories are hidden behind the recent outrages, both to those who will join us on our guided tours (in Italian and English) and to independent travelers who will use our App.

Among sections of peeling walls covered by modern buildings, we will discover the remains of the Punic culture; forgotten stories will be recalled within abandoned churches; ancient splendors will be evoked within noble palaces and the intimate essence of the people of Palermo will be disclosed walking through authentic alleys and markets.

Join us through a long rich journey that surely will be watched over by our Patrons.

We plan the tour in a customized schedule for you,get a quote!

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