Winery FLORIO (Marsala)

Winery FLORIO (Marsala)

The Florio Winery, constructed in 1832 by Vincenzo Florio, are a place where you can not only dive into history, but also enter a contemporary and artisanal world with an intense, unusual and precious soul, where tradition and innovation blend to create a uniquely fascinating reality. The historic Baglio, overlooking the sea, welcomes visitors with its florid Mediterranean gardens flooded with light and colour. The Winery, with their characteristic tuft stone paving and impressive blind-pointed arches, protectively guard the prized Florio wines in their barrels, which find here the perfection of time and waiting. A whole world to discover, thanks to the Donna Franca Florio Tasting Room, an innovative space created to offer visitors a suggestive taste of the bouquets and flavours of Florio wines, and the brand new Florio wine shop.

Florio is an innovator by tradition, revealing an unexpected world, a modern artisan with an intense, unusual and precious soul. Wines of the highest quality to be enjoyed on any occasion. Fortified, passito and sparkling wines to be rediscovered as an aperitif, dessert or meditation wine. Located in the “sun belt”, an area where a delicate relationship must be maintained between the microclimate, vines and land, Florio is a company that has acquired unique experience over the last two centuries thanks to its respect for tradition, attention to detail and innovative vision.



A line of products which are clearly closely bound to their land of origin, yet in a modern presentation. A brand which offers strong sensations, thanks to the tales told of the origin of an historic product, of a remarkable family with multiple interests. The tireless search for quality with the selection of the best fruit, careful and innovative production aiming to achieve products which offer an intensity of sensations just like the intense lands from which they originate. These unique contexts are dedicated to inimitable products and boast a strategy which by definition aims for excellence. The company philosophy over two centuries has focused on quality in every aspect.


Cantine Florio Marsala

  • Florio Winery
  • Via Vincenzo Florio, 1
  • 91025 – Marsala (TP)
  • tel +39 0923781111

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